Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Airlines Delays Solution

September 19, 2007

Found on petergreenberg.com

“It all apparently blew up on Valentine’s Day, earlier this year — on that stormy February day . . . that’s when the debacle at JetBlue at JFK happened, with some passengers stranded on planes as long as 11 hours. And while that incident got a huge amount of media play, another event — back on December 29, 2006, still resonates. That’s when passengers on an American Airlines plane claimed they were kept virtual prisoners for hours in Austin, Texas.”

Solution to airlines delays:

An alternative for above airlines delay where passengers are stranded on planes for long periods of time like the above 11 hours. Solutions Large Mobile Transports which can be easily be connected up to the regular official loading ramps allowing the passengers to walk directly to these Transports. Transports will have more open space and bigger restrooms along with many other options & amenities, each airlines can have more discussions on the idea and must appoint a committee to go over what feature these Mobile Transports can offer or cannot offer. I know of many commercial vendors & companies willing to pay to have their product and services available for the public to view. One of the major problems has been the "security issues" once the passengers leave the plane the personal &bomb searches must need to be redone? With the Mobile Transport Idea the passengers never leave the transport which has been thoroughly checked out prior to hookup to the plane. This Idea not only creates more jobs which is needed, but overall makes travel more enjoyable.
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